Swift is focused on creating spaces that benefit our tenants and the environment. These benefits are wide ranging, from construction techniques to operational efficiencies to urban bee hives. We are inspired by the surroundings of our properties. Our commitment is to take a sustainable approach to our assets’ business plans.

Examples of Sustainable Projects

The number of bee colonies per 100 acres has declined by over 90% in the past 60 years, dropping 40% in 2019 alone. Honeybees are a necessary part of our ecosystem. In addition, Swift endeavors to give back to the environment and its tenants. The Swift Honey Project was conceived during a landscape project meeting in 2015. Several of our landscaped environments in Bay Area markets were far from thriving. Our landscape architect attributed the sub-optimal growth to a lack of honeybees. Swift decided to start a sustainable and environmentally conscious effort that would be an example for our tenants and the larger real estate community!

Swift partnered with a local group, The Bee Ranchers to install 10 hives on a roof of Rosewood Commons in Pleasanton, California — keeping the bees hard at work, but out of sight and mind. Within a year, the hives produced an amazing amount of honey from the first harvest and the office campus’s landscaping has never looked better! Swift’s Honey Project has expanded to the Southern California and Pacific Northwest regions.

The proof is in the honey.