Bernadette Kosandiak

Assistant Controller

Bernadette Kosandiak is Swift’s Assistant Controller. She hails from Adelaide, South Australia, and knew from a very young age that her destiny was to make her home in the U.S.A. In 2011 she ventured to the U.S. to fulfill her childhood dream. Before joining Swift, Bernadette was the Controller for Diodati Investments, where she oversaw accounting for a multi-dimensional real estate development firm responsible for the construction and management of light industrial commercial condominiums.  Prior to Diodati, Bernadette devoted eight-years building her financial experience as Senior Accountant at Accru Harris Orchard in Adelaide where she focused on pension funds and accounting for partnerships, trusts, and multi-country entities.  Bernadette studied at the University of South Australia and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.